opening a barYou plan to open a bar in Fort Smith , Texas? this article will give you some useful updates on the opening procedure, the formalities to be completed and applicable costs.

The steps below should be completed once you as  entrepreneur decide to start a business. Before embarking on this paperwork, it’s necessary that you’re done with some essential steps: making a personal and professional balance, concept development, research and local development, conducting market research, financial forecasting on several years, creating a folder for obtaining a possible loan from the bank, etc.

Starting your bar business

Once you have decided on a legal form, you must contact the authorities in your county or city or Chamber of Commerce and Industry in order to legally register your business. There they will take the form of a one-stop shop to assist you in fulfilling your formalities and inform you of your various obligations . For more information on this step, you can access a business start-up formalities.

To exercise your business and sell liquor, you must obtain a drinking establishment license. You will need to acquire or transfer the license. The price of a license  is very variable and usually ranges from a few thousand  in small towns to tens of thousands of dollars in major and big towns.

Obtaining a license is subject to meeting certain prerequisites (majority, no conviction to certain penalties on criminal records …).

Operating license

You must also hold an operating license after passing a paid training 2 ½ days. This training is done with a training organization approved by order of the interior minister.

The operating license will be issued once you’ve completed the training. It is valid for 10 years. You will then make a statement with the city council or the police department for certain regions.

Hygiene and safety

Before you start, make sure that your business is in compliance with hygiene and safety standards. Some rules to follow will be explained as part of your training to get your business license. Also learn from your authorities to know the regulations applicable to your business. Be aware that certain rules must also be respected like display material: price tags, no smoking, etc.BAR

To stream music in your bar, you have to make a prior authorization request. You will have to pay an annual fee for that. To know the applicable price, inform yourself to your city’s office in charge of local business.

To operate a patio (open terrace, enclosed patio terrace or against), you should seek authorization to the town hall. Be sure to follow the rules laid down in the authorizations, particularly in terms of schedules and dimensions.

For permission, you will pay a fee ( “civic rights”) whose price depends on many criteria: size of the terrace, pedestrian traffic of the street, exhibition, etc.

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